A Fine One For Tramping Around

This week I’ve not really gotten much knitting done but I have completed my Snow Queen Sock for the UkBritActorKAL and Marigold’s Loft Sockalong.

The yarn used was from Defarge Yarns sock club and the Pattern was Snow Queen by Emmy Coplea.

Socks are my favourite thing to knit as they are quick and practical.  I first learned socks at my LYS Yarn Shop Day in 2014.  My first socks weren’t the best, my stripes don’t match (something I am fairly OCD about now) but I wear them anyway as they were my first.

Since then I have been honing my skills and last year I joined in on the Winwickmum Sockalong.   Winwickmum (Christine) has a fantastic tutorial for new sock knitters and the Facebook group is one of the nicest and most helpful groups I have ever seen.  Sock Knitting has now become a bit of phenomenon and I think it is partly due to the popularity of this group.  Here are my sockalong socks but I think I have improved heaps since these too.


Sometimes you have to quit while you’re ahead

So at the beginning of the year as part of my excitement for sock knitting I decided to join in on a couple of Socky Challenges on Ravelry.  One being the Marigolds Loft Sockalong where you choose which pattern to knit and must start and complete the pair in the same moth.  The other being the UK Sock Knitters Brit Actor KAL – each month has a theme on British Actors and as long as you cast on in the month you basically have until the end of the month following the relevant quarter to complete.

January started of great, both pairs competed really easily.  Jaywalker socks on Marigolds Loft and Smaug for UK Sock Knitters for which the theme was Benedict Cumberbatch.

February I started slipping up, I completed Hermione’s Everyday Socks for Marigolds Loft and although I started Down The Rabbit Hole (Helena Bonham Carter) for UK Sock Knitters I did not complete.  In hindsight I should have just used the Hermione’s for both groups since HBC was in some Harry Potter movies.


In March I completed Charade for Marigolds Loft and started Biscottes Sheeps for UK Sock Knitters – I didn’t go with the March actor who was Sean Bean but instead went with the Wild Card for the Quarter – Anthony Hopkins.


In April I finally completed Down The Rabbit Hole, yay!  I then started Majesty but was finding the cables too much of a challenge so switched to Snow Queen – I started to accept my limitations here and this sock is for both groups – Helen Mirren for UK Sock Knitters.  However, still struggling away with Biscottes Sheeps.


I had another bash at sock 2 for Biscottes Sheeps this morning, however that nagging voice in my head started up… “Sock 1 is far from perfect.  Why continue with this, wasting time you could be spending on other projects when you are not entirely happy with the first sock”.


Look at it, you can see that the heel is a lot baggier than the sock as my tension is way off on the colour work.  I can get it on my foot but man it’s tight!

So, I have now just frogged Biscottes, I am not happy with my colour work at all, the tension is way off.  I will go back and knit these socks one day, but first I am going to get a lot of practice in for colour work.   I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
And from now on, one pair of socks per month so I can work on other projects before I get burned out by socks.  x

Hi there

Welcome to my blog, although I am not new to blogging I have decided to start sharing ramblings on my adventures in all things yarny.  I won’t promise to update regularly but hope you enjoy reading what I do write.